A very popular light pole for smart city management and landscaping

October 6, 2021
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All-in-1 Smart Light Pole for Modern City Management and Advertising


The steel light pole or lighting tower has multiple arms and brackets for mounting street lights, CCTV cameras, LED display screen, communication antenna or hotspot and other device that you want to work. With an integrated control system, you can operate the whole lighting and public security management system by remote control with mobile phone APP or computer.


The steel light pole is made from high quality low carbon steel pipe with hot dip galvanization and powder coating, the arms and brackets of the light pole can be customized to special designs to make it good look, the street light pole works not only for street lighting but also public security management, weather report information, traffic information and management, policy or campaigns propaganda or publicity and advertising display. And with special design of arms and brackets or other decorative ornaments, the smart light pole is also a good landscape for the city.


The height of smart light poles ranges from 6m to 35m or even higher, we can make it according to your requirements and designs. OEM and ODM production is available and accepted.